How to Hide and Show Line Chart Series?

Is there a way in a chart with multiple series to hide/show individual series without affecting the data already in the chart?


Make the legend visible. Then you can (de)select them within the legend

Not sure how to deselect each series?
Is there a way to do this programatically?

just click on the legend...

And no - not that I can think of (though I guess you may be able to simulate the click somehow)


I know this is an older thread :slight_smile: , however, the title fits to my question and is related, although in an inverse manner:

I would like the click function to hide all lines except the one clicked. Is this possible? Is such functionality available?


No. At least not with clicking some chart element. Can be achieved with complex flow management but is it worth of effort...

Not really worth the effort. Just nice to have :slight_smile: ... thank for your feedback.


Is there any way to do this automatically, for example with a function node? I have a lot of charts and I would prefer to show/hide all of them at the same time