Hide line chart data series

I want to hide line chart data series programatically. I also want to find which data series have been hidden so I can load the next set of data with those same series hidden.
It is possible with the underlying chart js control. See this StackOverflow post
You can modify the chart js options
However, setting msg.payload.series[0].hidden = true; is not working.
Is there a way to reach this hidden property?
And is there a way to query the hidden state of the chart before loading a new data set?

There is thread about deeper modification of line chart. Examine this and see if you find the solution. There is also links for documentation where you can find names of exact properties what to change to achieve your goal.

You definitely need to customize/create your own chart here so you have a full control of it. Just what HotNipi suggest, you make look at that thread and get some sample there.

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