How to implement control pin of the RS485

Hi all!

I want to implement following flow for controlling read and write function of the modbus.

toggle GPIO4 to 1 --> Send with serial port --> Data out end --> toggle GPIO4 to 0

This there have any way to achieve this?

Welcome to the forum @SamuelXiot

What aspect do you not know how to do?

The flow I make is attached. please see the function 2 and 3.

What I need is a way to set the gpio7 to 1 when message send and set the gpio7 to 0 after send. I am using serial port, but I found if I use the serial port, there is no way set the gpio7 with the serial message send.

flows.json (6.4 KB)

Set the pin before sending the message to the serial node, wait sufficient time for the transmission to complete, then reset the pin.

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