HOW to implement SSE in Node-Red?

Hi, node-red-ers
I am using node-red as a web application server.
I need to send a notification from the web server to the client through sse, how can I implement it in node-red?

When I check the http node, there is no write in msg.res,
Also, it seems that you shouldn't even try to send it with send or json.
Please help me

attached error massage below

Have you tried the SSE nodes?

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thank you steve.
I use @ekaralis/node-red-contrib-sse-plus.
Using it, an SSE connection became possible.

However, there was a phenomenon that only the connection was made and the data did not go.

When I opened the code and checked it, I found that if the room name contains '/', it doesn't work.

Fortunately, I was able to confirm it in Rooms by omitting the '/'. it runs fine now

thank you

Glad you are sorted.

Assuming that is a bug, you should raise an issue so the author can fix it

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