How to insert multiple data into the correct field of mysql database

Hello, i am trying to insert multiple data into a mysql database but i am unable to insert them into the correct field here is my flow diagram

here is how i've written my node function...

msg.topic="INSERT Into fire_contents (Temperature1) values(?)";
return msg;

(Temperature1,Temp2) and (?,?) would allow me to insert data into two columns
but i dont understand how to insert the data into the correct columns or order

Did you try a search of the forum to see if others have had similar questions? (hint hint)

i checked but i didn't get through

When you say "i checked but i didn't get through" what do you mean?

Someone was doing something similar to what i was doing. He got a suggestion how to fix it put he didn't respond after the suggestion so i dont know if the problem was solved or not...

did you try the suggesstion he got?

Where can I find this post which propably will have the answer I need?

Seeing that this thread is a year old, please opens new thread with your issue.

Meanwhile I’ll close this thread