How to insert timestamp from nodered msg.object to postgresql database

I have connected nodered to PostgreSQL database using postgrestor.
In nodered, I have msg.payload.object with many parameters including timestamp. I can able to insert all other parameter to posgresql except timestamp.

Could somebody help me to insert nodered timestamp to PostgreSQL. My nodered timestamp is UTC+2.

hey maheswaran88...i'm struggling to get "the other parameters" to insert with my msg.payload.object with my postgres. any chance you could share your SQL code? As for the timestamp fields, check to see that what datatype your timestamp field is in the DB vs what you're passing. There is a datatype specifically with timestamp with timezone.

1 - exactly which postgresql node are you using?
2 - what version of postgresql are you sending the data to?
3 - In postgresql, what is the schema for the table you are trying to insert to?
4 - what is the msg.payload you are sending to the node (put a debug node - set to display the Complete msg object - on the output of the node connecting to the postgresql node

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