How to install the required dependencies

When installing this module, I was asked to install the libraries first, I'm using docker running nodered, how do I install these libraries

Not really a Node-RED question. You will need to know how to put together a composite Docker setup or how to make changes to your Node-RED Docker build.

Is there no other way, I have installed node-red-contrib-machine-learning-v2 , try it

I haven't used it, but it may be easier if you don't use docker.

From what I have learned in practice,
you have to go into the nodered container in interactive mode with the -it qualifier
See doc here
Install the dependencies you need, be careful, this is Linux Alpine, so the commands may be different from Ubuntu for example.
Then install the node you need.
Be careful, in order not to lose your work, you have to create your own image from the one you just modified. Docker command then.
ex: sudo docker build -t nodered-lei1
From this new image you can create your definitive container and keep your modifications forever.
All this can be automated from a Dockerfile where you will place the instructions you have done in interactive mode.

Indeed, it is more complicated in Docker mode than in pure installation.
But then, it's portable and can be installed everywhere very easily :wink:

For information, like many others, I use the container to manage the Docker environment without diving too much into the commands. It's a very nice tool.


thank you so much

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