How to integrate node red with wifi

I am having Advantech gateway. I wanted to install node-red in that which is having ubuntu OS.
I wanted to make the Advantech gateway to work as wifi hotspot. And using wifimote I wanted to connect to that hostspot for sending data. Is there any idea how can I do using node-red.

It would be more helpful to give some more details of the hardware like which Advantech gateway and what wifimote hardware?

In essence though, as long as the gateway has sufficient resources and is using a base platform type (e.g. Arm, Intel) that Node.JS will run on, you should be OK.

You will most likely also want to add an MQTT broker (most likely Mosquitto) which will make communications between your WiFi microprocessor platforms more reliable. MQTT clients are well supported on ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms.

Really what you are describing is much the same as most of us running NR on a Pi. The fact that the AP and NR are running on the same device instead of separately shouldn't make any difference.

I am using ESP8266 Wifimote and Advantech UTX 3115 gateway. Is there any node in node-red or how can I integrate this using node-red. The device data will be collected by wifimote and it'll send to Advantech gateway. So, inside Advantech UTX 3115 gateway using node-red how can I receive data from ESP8266 Wifimote.

You have several choices.

  • Add an MQTT client to the ESP8266 code and run an MQTT broker (Mosquitto) on the Advantech. This is what most people do, it gives you the best reliability and flexibility.
  • Configure the EPS8266 to talk direct to Node-RED via a TCP or UDP connection or even Websockets. All are possible.

In node red, you add the appropriate -in node (mqtt-in, tcp-in, udp-in, websocket-in). That's it. Job done. Now you can add whatever processing you want.

can we create WiFi hotspot in Advantech gateway(Advantech UTX 3115 gateway) using node-red node. Is there any plugin available.

Have you searched on

If there is no node for the particular hardware you want, maybe you can use the Exec node to run an external command outside of Node-RED. I have no idea what that may be as I know nothing about the hardware - just trying to point you in a direction.

As Nick says, you almost certainly can. I assume that you mean that you want to set up a hotspot dynamically? Because if not, you should just use the native software to do it. The only benefit to using Node-RED here is to be able to drive things dynamically and you can, as indicated, use an exec node to control any command-line app and get the output back into Node-RED very easily.

So you almost certainly don't need a custom Node. Of course, your requirement is rather specialised - however, if there are enough people to make it worth while, you may be able to persuade someone to write one for you if you aren't able to do it yourself.

Not sure why you need Node-RED to do this. There are lots of guides to setup Ubuntu as an access point. Once installed and working then yes Node-RED can make use of info from it and data from devices connected to it.