good evening
I just installed node-red on android "red-lite"
I want to send data and display them on android from my esp8266, the problem is that after
declaring the ip address of the interface, my ESP cannot connect with the node red broker
solutions ?

A few questions

If using MQTT on your ESP8266 - it needs to connect to an MQTT broker

have you installed and configured an MQTT broker?

Red-Lite on Android does not let you install an MQTT broker

If you install the main paid app instead, Red Mobile, then you can install the mosca node which will let you run a broker on your phone

Ah thank you
another question please
I also installed NODE-RED on PC but I think I installed it incorrectly, because after starting node red the windows command prompt displays the following message : connection failed to broker : mqtt : // localhost:1883

Do you understand that Node-RED is not an MQTT broker?

You either have to install a seperate MQTT broker (mosquitto is the most common one used) or you have to install node-red-contrib-mosca and then it runs under Node_RED as an MQTT broker

yes I know that mqtt is a communication protocol, but I thought that it will be installed with node-red automatically
i will try to install it thanks

to be clear....
Node-RED includes MQTT client nodes - in and out.
Node-RED does not include an MQTT broker (server) - that the clients need to talk to in order to work. So you must install a broker for them to talk to. mosquitto is the usual favourite (outside of Node-RED) - but you can install a Mosca node into Node-RED which is also a broker). In general people like to keep clients and servers separate (hence mosquitto) but it's up to you.


Thanks all, it work