How to know the status available in a node?

Hi all, how are you?

I've seen that several nodes has status messages the usually are diplayed under its respcective node but, I need to know what status has a node and what they means,

For example, the modbus-getter node has several status available but I read the wiki for those nodes and I couldn't find any reference to the available status and the help/description of the function nodes doesn't say anything about it at least the help that I read.

So, how can I know the status available in any node?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If it's not dokumented by the nodes help then you might find it in the source code. There should be some status function.

Add a status node to the flow and connect a debug node to it, set it to show the complete msg object.
These are the various statusses in the modbus source code.

Note that a status is free-format and defined by the developer of the node.

Thanks @knoepsche and @bakman2 for the help, now I see the possible status messages, I'll ask the developer what some of the messages means.

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