Display Node status for every kind of nodes

Hi all,

I am looking for having the easiest way to debug my flows and I think that it would be really good to have a status node displayed in the interface for all kind of nodes.

I am thinking in particular to switch nodes but it could be a more global improvement.

What do you think ?

to do that we would need to send a message to the browser for every message as it passed to every node... This would really make perfromance suck for high speed flows where messages could be passing thousands of times a second... so the status is used to indicate the state of a node like is it connected or not and not for general message passing...

you're right, I didn't think about high speed flows but basic flows like for example a function that is counting the number of people in the house, followed by a switch node ; it would be good to now which output of the switch node was taken ...

Possibly, but as Dave said, if the node were passing 10,000 messages/second that would impose an onerous load on the browser.

Thanks guys !

Classified a false good idea... ...

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