Status node - suggestion


I have only recently discovered the status node.

Handy little fella to signal the status of things.

But one thing I feel is missing:
(This node is like the link node/s. It only works on this flow/page.)
Though this is better than all flows, there is still a problem that I think would be nicely fixed if, like the link nodes, it drew dotted lines to the nodes it is monitoring - if not << ALL >>
(ALL is a given.)

If you have a few nodes in your flow it would/could be difficult to know "who is who" when scrolling through the list.

(I admit here and now: I don't name them all.)

Just a suggestion.



What do you mean the link node only works on this flow? You can link between flows, that is its main purpose.



Yes, that is something we're considering for a future release.

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