Adding link like hidden wires for Status and Catch nodes

Could you include the option like with the link node that when you click on a catch or status node a dashed line is drawn to the nodes it is monitoring?

Ok, if it is ALL, that would be confusing.

Up to a certain number (set in that node) if less than that number it shows the connections to the nodes being monitored.

An option to only show/list connected nodes.

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Thanks for the suggestion. A little bit of feedback - try to summarise the idea in the title of the post. As it is in the Feature Request category, then we already know its a suggestion about something... so having a title related to the idea will help us spot it when looking back through the category in the future.

In terms of your suggestion - this is something we've consider off and on since those nodes were introduced. There are a fair few design considerations to work through on it and it hasn't had a lot of attention. The problem, as you identify yourself, is how noisy that could quickly get.

For example, if you have a single Catch node configured to catch anything on the tab, you end up with wires everywhere - to limit the number of wires would give a false impression as to what it was monitoring.

We also need to think were the wire would leave the 'targeted' node - does it come out of an output, the top/bottom edge or somewhere else - to help distinguish it from regular wires.

But these aren't things I'm asking you to answer - just sharing some of the things that do need thinking through.

Perhaps something we can look at for 3.0.

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Thanks Nick. I just watched your new video on youtube and was prompted to quickly get this idea in the works.

WRT the lines from the catch status and complete nodes.
Only have the lines active when you are clicking on the node.

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