`catch` node - and maybe others... *Problem*

Sorry, I am sure this has been discussed before, and maybe even by me.

Recent things I am using a catch node.
The node it is monitoring is nicely named and so when first setting it up I knew to whom it is connected.

Today.... CRAFT disease...... I can't remember.
Two options come to mind:
1 - like the link node it draws dashed lines to the nodes it is monitoring.
2 - a button to it shows only the selected nodes.

Ok, what good is 2?
Well, it doesn't really help you if you want to add more, but it is handy if you forget to which nodes it is connected.
You press the button (maybe only a press button (not locking)) and you see the list of nodes.
Then you can remember the nodes and move on.

This would also be handy with the catch node... and maybe a couple of others too.

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