CATCH node control to turn it on / off

For error catching it is handy so any errors can be caught and sent back to a place for handling.

But if you are working on the flow it is sometimes annoying having the errors caught and not seeing them as if the CATCH nodes wasn't there.

It would (could?) be nice if while you are working on that flow that you could disable the node.
So if there is an error it isn't hidden. It is easily visible in the debug window to the right of the screen.

In V1.0, you can disable any node (button at bottom of node config) so this is already been implemented

FTAOD I wouldn't recommend upgrading a installation to 1.0 beta until ALL bugs have been eliminated from it :slight_smile:

Nearly got it. I kind kind of resolve the meaning, but for the sake of getting it right......

For The Act Of Doing?
Doesn't quite sound right.

But yeah, thanks.

I am really holding off the update.
Though I feel I should on at least one machine to help find any bugs.

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............................. :slight_smile:

Unless you've got one that definitely works 100% all of the time and has been stable for a while - if you have one of them then that would be a candidate to test out

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Seriously... ?

Haven't I found a few?

I would probably put it on a VM though.

I edited my post :slight_smile:

No worries.

I have a couple of VM's I could put it on one.

Then have a big play with bug finding.

Moving it to a VM would negate the requirement that its been working for a while - you'd be introducing a new variable into the equation :slight_smile: