How to make dimmer light

I already connect the node red to the ESP32 to send the signal to the arduino and to the light bulb. My problem is that I send the brightness which is from 255 until 0, and the serial monitor from the arduino received random values from the node red. Like -2000, 1000 and not like what i send which is 255-0. I you guys have a solution on how to make dim light?

@daniel2g Daniel Welcome to the forum! We will be happy to help but there is a lot of information you haven't given use that makes it difficult to help you. Basic information like

  1. what version of NR and node JS are you running (you can get this from the startup log)?
  2. how are you communicating between NR and the esp32?
  3. what software do you have installed on the esp32 (ESPEasy, Tasmota etc) or is it your own code
  4. what kind of 'light bulb' are you using?
  5. how do you know that values the arduino is receiving
  6. what node (full name please) are you using to sendthe data to the esp32?
  7. have you put a debug node on the output of the node feeding the node that sends the data to see what the data sent is? If not please do that.
  8. can you create a small flow to replicate the error - if so please provide it.

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