How to move a complete nodered-project

How to move a complete nodered-project include sqlite DB and credentials to a new server (raspi).

Assuming you installed using the recommended script then copy the whole .node-red folder across, except for the node_modules folder, then go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
to install any extra nodes needed. Then restart node-red

That won't move the db itself of course unless the db file is in the .node-red folder. If it isn't then you will have to copy that file too.

Thank you Colin, this Part is now working; the Database was in the home-Folder. It was also. I had also to install MQTT...

But the Gmail-Account is not working anymore. The App-Key needs now 2 factor Auth...
I check this in this forum...

Is it possible to copy the files fom .node-red inclusive credentials?

Yes, the technique I described earlier should do that, unless you are setting your credentialSecret using an environment variable or other method outside the .node-red folder.

I checked the Dokumentation. In the File [settings.js] I found [credentialSecret: "secred-key"]. This line is comented out.
Would it be here to set this the key that takes by moving the credentials to the new server?
Can I set it now or ist it to late?

Since you have not set it explicitly, node-red will have created one for you, which is stored in one of the .config files I think. If you copy the whole .node-red folder (except node_modules) the secret will be copied too.

But yes, you can set it yourself now if you wish (that stops the warning on startup). After doing that you will have to re-enter all the credentials, as it will not be able to read the old credentials file any more.