Switch node-red to a new device: how to migrate the data?

I have a nodered on a desktop. Currently, all data is in /home/USER/.nodered
Now I have a device where I wish another directory for node-red.

What are the steps to migrate all data with all flows,subflows and moduls and config as it is to the new server?

After installing node red on the new system and running it for the first time, copy the whole of the .node-red folder except the node_modules folder from the original system to the .node-red folder on the new system. Then in a command window go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
which will install any extra nodes you need.
Then restart node-red and refresh the browser window if you have one open.

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  1. Copied data witout node_modules
  2. I setup docker-compose and link /data/ to my .node_red
  3. I started docker-compose and wayt until nodered runs
    • The start screen load an Empty flow.
  4. I open a shell inside docker and run npm install in /data/
  5. I still have an empty flow.

What files are in /data?
When you look at the node red startup log what flows file does it say it is using? Post the startup log here.

Nodered create a new flow.json. But in the same Direcory are files called flow_nodered.json and flow_nodered_cred.json

The default flows file name changed some time ago. Are you sure the new one is not called flows.json (you posted flow.json)
Delete the new flows and cred files and rename the old files to match the new format.

ok, now my Flows work! Thanks a lot!

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