Transfer whole instance of Node-red to a new computer

Sorry, I think there is already an anwer for this question, but I didn't find the exact use case.
My question :
I presently run a node-red instance on a mac computer, but I want to change to another (mac-mini).
I can easily migrate the flows, but I need to restore all used nodes.

Is it possible to transfer the global instance (flows + nodes) from a computer to another ?

Assuming you are not using docker, then, after installing node red, transfer the whole .node-red folder except the node_modules folder. Then go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
And it will install all the contrib nodes for you.


Thanks a lot !
Neverthess, I did not found any .node-red folder, and the node-red folder is part of the node_modules fol


Hi @algaillard

Under normal circumstance, the .node-red folder for OSX will be


Its the folder that Node RED uses to store the users data - not the folder that Node RED itself is installed in

Yes, I got it, thanks

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