Want to install my system node red to another system

Hello Everyone,

I want to install my system node red to different machines. Is there any possible way to install all packages and settings same as my system.
I have gone through electron-node-red and node-red-desktop but not getting, what i want.
any help is appreciated.

Have you looked at the Projects feature? You can save your Project (all your flows) on Github and then install on a new instance of Node red on a different machine.

Yes, I have gone through the project feature but i don't want to move only flows. I want to move full node red, because i have edited my setting files, and i want to reflect same settings on different machine.

Install node red on the new machine then copy the whole of your .node-red folder except node-modules across to that folder on the new machine. Then in a terminal go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
which will install all the extra nodes you require (they are referenced in the file package.json and package-lock.json). If you want to install the latest versions of the extra modules rather than the versions you had on the old system then delete package-lock.json before running the install command.

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Without installing new node red on different machine is it possible to install directly mine.

It is not possible to run node red without installing it.

Unless, that is, you have an identical system and make a clone of the disc and put that into the new system. Depending on your OS that may work. For example if you were running on a Pi then you could make an image copy of the card, move that to another Pi of the same type.

I believe another possibility may be to build your system into an installable package with node red, which then allows you to install node red with your flows in one go. I believe electron-node-red does something like that, but you said that isn't what you want.

Thanks' for your response.
I have tried electron-node-red but it is creating installable desktop application.
But i want to open node-red in browser.
Is it possible to create web application with electron-node-red.

I don't know. If what you are trying to do is to build an installable package to your requirements then I think that has been asked about here in the past so possibly a search of the forum would be helpful.

Can you, Please shear the link.
Thank you

What link? Are you asking for me to search the forum for you?

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