How to move Node Red docker from RPi to a PC?

Wondering if anyone can confirm if I should just move the /data volume I mapped for my node red docker install on my RPi to my docker of Node Red on my PC? I believe that’s all I have to do but I’m not sure since there are a lot of npm modules I installed and now sure if those have to be manually installed or how to do that.

how did you install the modules - globally or as a standard user ?

Try it and see - nothing will be damaged (take a copy of the /data volume first - which i assume you would be doing by transferring across with a file transfer mechanism (i.e. SMB, SSH, FTP etc)


So i installed them originally just browsing for palettes inside the NR docker. How is that type of installation defined? Is that globally or single user?

The part I am not sure about is that I see a folder that has a lot of sub folders for the palettes, I will need to be more specific as I can’t remember off the top of my head what the folder is called but it seems it is where the palettes are installed.