How to msg object from one flow to otherS?

Hey my friends,
I have a message objects (created by pir motion sensors) and want to foraward them to other flows (light switch). My idea was to just take a simple subflow with input and output. But I noticed that the subflow output does not push the msg to other flows. It just forwars to the the flow where msg was created. - How can I push to all nodes of the subflow ?
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Im not sure what you mean by this. The output of a subflow will send messages to whatever it is connected to.

Do you mean you expect it to send on the output of all instances of the particular subflow? If so, then that isn't how subflows work.

Have a look at the Link nodes - they can be used to pass messages around to other flows.

I expected to send the msg to all implemented instances of the subflow. So if this is not possible with subflows how can do this: click me

So I need a way to forward message objects form n flows to m flows ...

So it does sound like you want to use the Link nodes as I suggest

thanx! that worked !