Link from subflow to flow... possible?


I'm somewhat of a noob. I'd been creating subflows to separate different types of flow components, but I recently discovered that you can link regular flows, so I started just creating regular flows and using links. However, in my latest endeavor, I have the following:

Flow A
Flow B
Subflow C

I created a path that goes:

Flow A -> Subflow C -> Flow B

I finally concluded that messages aren't passing to flow B from Subflow C. Is this a limitation imposed by node red or should I keep debugging to figure out what I've done wrong?

I know subflow C is running and in Flow B, I have a debug node connected directly to the link and nothing is coming out of it.

Not directly. What you can do is create Subflow C with an input and output. Then in Flow A connect to the input of Subflow C. Next a link-out, connecting the output of C to flow B with a link-in there.

You can't use any link nodes inside subflows by design.
But it should work with the above:
node -> [input C]-subflow-[output C] -> node -> link-out
link-in -> ...