How to pass parameter to big query select palette

Hello everybody , I'm new to node-red I need your help please

I use node-red-contrib-bigquery palette

and I have to pass a variable parameter to query but It does now work for me, here is screenshot with properties and I tried to get value of msg.payload in different ways like
{{msg.payload}} or msg.payload with a + in boths sides or without , nothing works...
can you help me please ?
Query itself works if I put some fixed value in condition , I tested that

big query

Is there a reason you are using this node? It hasn't been updated in two years. It doesn't appear to support the newer ways of setting data and doesn't allow you to pass data in.

There are plenty of other SQL nodes:

Is there a reason you are using this node?

I had to fetch data stored in google big query and I found no other node which talks to big
I have an example of code running in node js (so I require('@google-cloud/bigquery'); and then do quierirs) but I don't know how to implement that in node red.
the only way is that node that I found but it does not accept parameters into quiery ((

OK, in that case, you will need to try your hand at contacting the author via the GitHub issues page.

stupid me, there is another node available


it contains bigquery as well
it works fine, it can take query from msg.payload , all is good, thanks.