How to pass the token to the [http in] node?

Hi team,
I set the adminAuth

     adminAuth: {
        type: "credentials",
        sessionExpiryTime: 7200,
        users: [

            username: "ne323nqa",
            password: "$2b$08$1aRZsE3232j0wg73rlS1oB.K.QcV0uQsdGm1W4GUj2QkD4NVqe5ZdMxu", 
            permissions: "*"


And also set the httpNodeAuth

   httpNodeAuth: {user:"ne323nqa",pass:"$2b$08$1aRZsE3232j0wg73rlS1oB.K.QcV0uQsdGm1W4GUj2QkD4NVqe5ZdMxu"},

But when I used the admin API [/auth/token] to produce an access token and the pass to the [http in] node, it told me that Unauthorized.
And I used the postman to call the API[http in], I also set the header :Authorization, but it didn't work, still said Unauthorized.

This is my http in node

IF I used the basic auth, I can call the api from postman:

The adminAuth security only applies to the editor and admin apis of Node-RED. It does not apply to the routes created in the flow, such as the HTTP In nodes.

The only built-in security we provide for the HTTP In nodes is the httpNodeAuth basic authentication option.

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Thanks knolleary,
I will use basic auth instead

Or use external auth if you want more. Lots of people have written about using something like NGINX as a reverse proxy and configuring the auth there since there are lots of tools and articles on doing that.

Thanks, will do that

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