How to print all nodes I installed?

While I can use the palatte to list all the nodes I installed, and can see them by scrolling thru visually . How do I print all the nodes I installed (excluding the nodes that came bundled with the initial NR install)?

Check the package.json file in the user directory. It lists all the nodes as dependencies.

Good one Andrei, and human readable too.

The problem is that the package.json file will tell you what are the installed modules. One module can have several nodes. The dashboard for instance will appear only as node-red-dashboard": "~2.14.0" whereas it has + 20 nodes.

If you really want the individual nodes a better option is the node-red-admin command-line tool.

If you have this tools installed you can recover a list of all nodes by typing node-red-admin list in your terminal.

Here is an excerpt of mine (but too big to fully disclose here):

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I find that running this command from the .node-red folder generally does a pretty good job of showing which nodes I have manually installed.
cat package.json | grep "node-red"