Pallete list to text?

Through no fault of my own (yea, right) I find I need to get the Pallete list so I can install all the nodes on another machine. Is there an easy way to get the pallete? Is it as simple as this (from the command line):

$ jq .dependencies < ~/.node-red/package.json
  "google-tts-api": "^2.0.0",
  "node-red": "^1.2.9",
  "node-red-contrib-bool-gate": "~1.0.2",
  "node-red-contrib-cast": "~0.2.17",

jq is a Command-line JSON processor that's I've come to love. Make playing with json a whole lot easier.

If I understand correctly all you have to do is go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
And everything in package.json will be installed.

Sorry I'm not being clear, I want what was installed on one instance of node-red so I can find out what it had installed. Basically get its palette list so I can use the list to install on another machine, minus a few modules.
Basically on instance A there are a number of problems I need to fix. But I need a working node-red (instance B) before I shutdown instance A. Nothing lowers the SAF (Spouse Acceptance Factor) quicker than non-working services. :wink:

Hi @ncherry

the package.json file lists all of the extra nodes you've installed.

Colin's suggestion is to copy over the whole package.json file to your new instance and then npm install in order to get all the nodes installed - you can of course remove any nodes from the dependencies section before running npm install if you want.

That saves you manually reinstalling them.

If you do want to manually install them, then what you suggest in your original post will get you that list of nodes.

Hmm, just noticed that the instance A node-red doesn't have everything listed. So I'm confused, I see a bunch of nodes in the Palette that are not in the package.json. I'll check if the new instance has them.

The ones included in node-red itself do not appear there, but you don't need to install them either.

I didn't expect the internal stuff to be listed it's already installed. I was expecting the add on nodes to be listed.

The new install does contain everything installed so far. :slight_smile:

Can you give some examples of installed nodes that do not appear in package.json?

Sorry Colin, I've cleaned up that package.json file now. Somehow it must have gotten messed up but since the cleanup it has the correct files.

The reason for this madness is that I'm setting up a Pi with keepalive to kick off a backup in case the main node-red crashes. I'm trying to work out the details of what needs to be copied from NR-A to NR-B. I've already done this with the local DNS and dhcp services.
My CFO (my wife) has high expectations. I'm glad she didn't work for any of my network customers, I would have been driven crazy with keeping those uptimes.

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