How to print labels using Zebra ZD230 USB Printer

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I am working on zebra printer ZD230 with usb interface.
Using Node red Version 3.0.2 on Raspberry Pi4, Raspbian OS.
I got above links in the search. The solution mentioned above is for network printers.
Can anyone help on USB printers? Thanks.
@MichaelHilario , @telliottosceola: if you have any further information, please share. thanks.

I never attempted to communicate with a printer over USB so I really can't provide an insight there. Is there any reason you cannot use network connectivity?

Thanks for prompt reply. Actually this particular printer model ZD230 does not have network functionality. And other Zebra models which have the network functionality are really expensive.

Keep in mind your time developing a solution is not free. That must be weighed in when evaluating cost of hardware. Just my personal opinion.

Sorry I can't help more. I used the Brother 9500pc for my project because it offered low cost material which was rated for outdoor applications.

Thanks. You are right. Economics work differently in different parts of the world. Anyway Thanks for your replies. I appreciate.

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