How to push data to node red?

Hi everyone. I ran into a problem. I need to transfer data from the server to node red. How can I do this? I use nodes tease packages. When I try to get from getflow, I get null

We need a lot more context here to be able to help.

Please explain in a detail what you are trying to do, include things like what sort of data, what the source is, what will trigger this transfer?

Also what are 'nodes tease packages', and what does 'get from getflow' mean?

For example. I have server written on node js with express. And i need for example add node red parser there. In node red html node has field for css selector and from client i send selector to server and it send this selector to node red. How can i do it?

you can setup your express server to respond with json data on a specific API endpoint
some examples can be found here

and then in Node Red with the use of Http-request node read that data from your API.
an example of using the Http-request and parsing the json reply to a Javascript object can be found here

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