How to read/write in MS Access table by using node red

Hello everyone.

I have an application where i need to log the data in MS Access and later from other table i need to read other data.

But i am not getting any node related to MS Access. I have the Description, the UID, Database name and table but i dont know how i can send Data (csv) to this Table.

I tried to use ODBC tool but i couldn´t find an good explanation how i should code it so that i can write and read from a table from MS Access.

Thanks for any help.

Are you wanting to do this on Windows or Linux?

Windows if this is possible

Yes, that is fairly straight-forwards.

This page tells you how to set up the ODBC driver: Administer ODBC data sources (

Then you should be able to use one of the ODBC nodes.

Thanks. Is there also a way to realise this in node-red, for example with the ODBC Query?


ODBC is a driver standard. You have to configure it separately. Once configured on the device, the read/write can be done in node-red.

I connected to the ODBC and can open my table in MS Access

How can i write now some input over node-red to the ODBC table?

What examples does the odbc node give you?

i have this example from a youtube video but it doesnt work for me

espacially because i cant create the right connection

Bear in mind that I don't use this node and haven't done anything with ODBC in years ... but surely it is a case of changing line 4 cStoreData to be the name of your ODBC connection? The rest of the example is just a standard SQL statement.

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