MS Access .mdb file

Some one help to guidline for reading file MS Access .mdb file?

THX in advance

If you search the forum for MS Access you will find a few posts about it. One of those may help you.

i can't find the topic clear to solve this

Did you find any suggestions?

Yes, but not found topic that fully clear.
Do you have link or topic about "Node red MS Access file reading"?

The fact that there is no post describing exactly how to do it probably means that no-one here has done it. Reading the posts that there are then there appear to be two solutions:

  1. Don't use MS Access. That would be my preferred solution.

  2. Connect to the database via an ODBC driver. There are several ODBC related nodes (search on the node-red flows site). Look for one that appears to be well supported by checking for issues on the node's github page.

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