How to record data in csv and excel file

I want to record data first in csv file but when i am doing this it is not recording value after parser
is there any way to direct record data to excel with timespan directly
See pic for reference

As the help says...

When converting to CSV, the columns template is used to identify which properties to extract from the object and in what order.

Since you set the CSV node columns as ...

it is expecting you to feed it with data that looks like {"frequency": 49.29, "Hz": 50}

The value after parser is not getting but before parser it is recording values

that makes no sense nor does it help us to help you.

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I meant to say when i connect to point then csv file is getting data and saving to file
but when i connect csv node to point 2 then it is not getting data and save to file

And that is because of what I said in my previous post...

The fact it works by connecting to the modbus node is because that data is an array of 2 values and you have 2 entries in the column field.

SO - your options are depenedant on what you are trying to achieve. Do you want 1 value in the file or 2 values in the file?

If you simply want the value of item2 - set the column field to item2

The better solution...

A better solution is to do what I suggested in the previous thread...

If you do this and set the CSV column to energy,voltage then it will log both fields together with consistency (i.e. values read at the same point in time)

no i didn't use that setting which you said in parser see my setting in picture i wnat to store frequency and voltage value on seperate column
parser setting

If you want to store BOTH values you need BOTH values in a SINGLE message.

Setting the buffer parser as I have instructed several times will get BOTH values into 1 object - with well defined sensible names. That's why I suggested using the buffer-parser to pick both values from the data at once (as well as the consistency and reduced polling benefits).

What are you not understanding here?

I understood what you are trying to say but as i am in testing phase so i am now just trying to get one value that is frequency but after parsing it is not coming in file but showing correct value in debug window

ok, then change the CSV node column to match the payload property name. e.g. set the column field to item1 (better still, change the buffer-parser named "item1" to "Frequency" and set the CSV column field to Frequency- either way, the .propertyName has to match something in the column field.

Thanks Steven once again
Now i will open another querry because i want my data with time stamp and need excel file will need your help there

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