How to refer to a flow context variable in ui_template?


I created a table using ui_template. I am populating the table with some Objects. Then next to each object I added a button to change the value of an Attribute of the Object assigning it to flow.get("attribute"). But it is not working because I assume there is some specific way I should be referring to the "attribute" var of flow context.

<td><button type="button" ng-click="object.attribute = flow.get('attribute'); send(msg);">Fill</button></td>

If instead of flow.get('attribute') I assign it to a value of my choice, say "att1", it works. So, the only problem is that I am not getting the value of flow.get('attribute').

Node-RED version: v1.3.5
Node.js version: v14.15.1
node-red-dashboard v2.29.1
Windows 10

flow.get is a server side thing. So you can pick up that variable when the send call fires out of the template node.

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