How to remove node-red-contrib-mssql

I wanted to update my node from mssql to mssql plus. For that i was trying to remove the node but unable to do so. I have deleted all my flows which were using mssql as node and with npm command uninstalled it. After restarting node red under left sidebar menu i still can find mssql due to which i am unable to update it to mssql plus.
Please help.

Look in the menu Configuration Nodes, click Unused and you may see the mssql config node there. Select and delete it. Then you should be able to delete the contrib node via Manage Palette. If you still can't delete it via manage palette then use Search to search for mssql and see what it finds.

You need to actually uninstall the old MSSQL node then install MSSQL Plus then restart node-red & the browser.

There is actually no need to remove any flows if you do this using npm on the command line (since MSSQL Plus will replace the old MSSQL in a compatible manor)

i have tried uninstalling using the NPM cmd line but still it shows under NODE Pallete!!!.

Please repeat the process and show us what you entered in the terminal & the result.

And this time make sure that you are in your node red user directory, which is usually the .node-red folder.

Hi Steve,
I have repeated the process as you said.
Steps i have followed:

  1. Shutdown node red server.
  2. Open command promt.
  3. uninstall cmd for mssql (npm uninstall node-red-contrib-mssql)
  4. Install cmd for mssql (npm install node-red-contrib-mssql-plus)
  5. Restart node red server.

I can find both mssql and mssql plus in my pallete. Screenshot attached.

I suspect you have not ran npm in the correct directory.

Your node-red directory is typically c:\users\user\.node-red\

That is where you should run the npm command

If in doubt, look at the log output that node-red shows when you start it - you will see the user directory in the log output.

So finally i have been able to uninstall the MSSQL. Followed by updating the NPM and Node js. Also Steves Directory idea was helpfull.

thanks mate.

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