Differences between node-red-contrib-mssql-plus in linux/windows?

My main node-red (3.0) installation at work is on a CentOs VM. I am using node-red-contrib-mssql-plus v0.7.3 to access some MSSQL DBs and I have no problems.

I need to make some installs on a few PCs that will serve just as connected HMIs. I just made a fresh install on a test machine to make sure it works before deployment to the final machine. I used a windows VM, and just did a fresh node.js and node-red install, with the same versions I'm running on the other machine.

I am accessing both VMs from my laptop, within the local network. However, when I want to configure the base nodes for the DBs, there are substantial differences on what they show:

This is on the CentOS machine vs the Windows machine, side by side:

As you can see, the available options displayed are substantially different, with Windows showing less than half of the options.

Any idea of what might be the cause? as I said, the node-red and the node versions are the same on both machines.

You probably have the old node-red-contrib-mssql node installed. The plus version is a fork because that old version is abandoned.

Uninstall any other MSSQL node, restart & refresh browser.

FYI - I am using the plus node on Linux and Windows. Don't see such issues.

Actually, it was the mssql-plus one. Same version.

I think I figured it out, it might have had something to do with the installation. Whenever I installed from the palette manager, this would happen and options would be missing.

I deleted everything, stopped node-red, and then installed the package using npm, from a powershell window running as admin.

Installation was successful, and when I restarted node-red everything was as expected.

Only if you already have to old (non plus) version

Deleted what? Flows? Node_modules? .node-red folder? Node-red?

Installing nodes without -g does not and should not be ran as admin.
And, installing from npm is exactly what the palette manager does.

I had the plus version. Exactly the same as in my other environment.

It was a clean install, so I only had an inject node, the mssql and a debug node. I deleted the mssql-plus package also from the palette manager after deleting the node and configuration node.

I opened an admin powershell and run the npm command as specified on the node description, and it worked. I don't know why, I'm just saying what I did.

Steve is suggesting that you possibly had both the original and the plus version installed.

Not at the same time, I made a mistake installing first, but then uninstalled it before installing the plus version.

In any case, it works now.

The way npm delivers a package is everything at once (in a tgz) - there is no possibility of it grabbing the wrong config node. However, what I have witnessed is when another fork (named alphabetically before node-red-contrib-mssql-plus) is that the plus version picks up the config node of the non plus version. Which is why I suggested you might have the old version installed.

Then it is likely you didn't restart node-red or the browser wasn't fully refreshed

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