How to remove overflow from dashboard without removing the ability to scroll

Hello guys! I've been tryingto removethe overflow/scrollbar from the node-red dashboard but when i remove it i lose the ability to scroll. I've tried assigning the "overflow: hidden" to a div that has another div inside which that had it on. Anyways, any idea?

Where exactly is this ? Screenshot ? Example flow ?

image Here, that's what i have for now.
image i've hidden it in md-content and then tried to turn it on in the div below. it didn't really work.

i've tried this principle, but it didn't really work

I can't see any screenshot there - or any demo flow... so ...

added this to the ui_template:

.masonry-container {
      overflow: scroll;

::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none;

that did the trick

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