How to run a custom javascript script on startup of node red

Hey there,

I'm looking to customize the UI and possibly hide or inject certain element on the node-red editor. Is there a way to have a javascript file be called on startup of node-red and run in the window?

Seems like this would probably be a useful feature.

Here's how I'm starting node red (v2) right now.

const express = require("express");
const RED = require("node-red");
const path = require("path");
const jwt = require("jsonwebtoken");
const dbConfig = require("./pg-db.config");
const app = express();
const { PostgresNodeREDAdapter } = require("./PostgresNodeREDAdapter");
const logDebug = require("./logDebug");
app.enable("trust proxy");

const port = process.env.PORT || 6700;
const authSecret = process.env.TG_AUTH_SECRET;

app.use("/", express.static("public"));`Starting up Node-RED on port ${port}`);

if (process.env.DEBUG_NODE_RED) {`Node-RED debug logging enabled`);

const server = app.listen(port, () =>`Node-RED server listening on port ${port}!`)

const userDir = path.resolve(__dirname, "../node-red-data");

const settings = {
  editorTheme: {
    theme: "midnight-red",
    codeEditor: {
      lib: "monaco",
      options: {
        theme: "vs-dark"
  nrlint: require("./.nrlintrc.js"),
  httpAdminRoot: "/node-red-editor",
  httpNodeRoot: "/node-red-api",
  autoInstallModules: true,
  storageModule: new PostgresNodeREDAdapter(),
  adminAuth: {
  functionGlobalContext: {
  } // enables global context

RED.init(server, settings);

app.use(settings.httpAdminRoot, RED.httpAdmin);
app.use(settings.httpNodeRoot, RED.httpNode);

// Start the runtime

Thanks in advance!

Not quite sure what you mean. That looks like js to me. So can’t you do it from there ?

That is the server js code that serves the node red app via express. What I want to do is run a js script in the node red app in the browser upon start up

Under editorTheme in your settings object, you can set page.scripts to point at a custom JavaScript file you'd like the editor to load: Configuration : Node-RED

You provide the path of the file on the local filesystem and the runtime takes care of serving it to the editor.


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