How to run command line after installing the node-red with snap

hello, everyone

I installed the nodered on ubuntu 18.04 with snap, now I want to enable the HTTPS Access and the Username/password based authentication, it takes me much time to find the setting.js file, at last, I found it here ''

I don't know if it means the setting.js file is located '/root/snap/node-red/675/setting.js'? what does the 675 mean here?
then, I have to run this command to generate the password following the instruction, but the command line says it cannot find the command node-red,
how should I run the command to generate password?
could anyone give me some advice? thanks in advance

how can I upload a picture? each time it says something is wrong, please try again later

Is there a reason you want to use the snap? Few of those here have experience with that. The recommended way of installing on Ubuntu is to use the Ubuntu/Debian/Pi install script from the node red docs.

ok thanks for your feedback
I will uninstall it and install it with npm again

No, use the script I referenced.

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