How to save "running jobs"


I currently working on a http API.

The API sends emails after some given time (immedialety, after 3 days, after 14 days, etc....).

Question 1:

  • From your experience, how many "delayed jobs" can Node Red handle befor it "crashes".

Question 2:

  • What about a server restart? From what I know, running or delayed jobs got lost when Node Red stops.

Is there a "addon" that saves the current position for all jobs inside a text file or database?

Kind regards!

How are you scheduling the jobs for later action?
Node red should not crash unless there is a bug or you run out of memory.

The answer to question 2 depends on how you are scheduling them.

For scheduling I use the delay node.
Its state wont get saved right?

I thought that there might be a way to save the current "state" of a node - So that after a restart of node red, the delay node still knows for how long it is active.

I suggest that is a bad idea. Instead use Persistent Context to save what needs to be done and when, and then have a simple flow that does it when necessary.

Ah, I see. That seems to be what I was looking for.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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