How to secure Node-Red in Docker container?

Hello, I am running node-red in a docker container and want to make it secure in my network, in best case with user and password.
I found a lot of "how to do..." and videos on youtube but it did not work for me because I cant access the settings.js or in other words cant find it like all the others.
Is it because I have it in a container?

Thanks in advanced.

You can run docker exec -it YourContainerName sh to open the command line of your docker container and edit the settings.js
The close the terminal typel exit

If you are using the standard node-red docker file, your settings will be on the /data mount that you provide to it. This is the same location as your flows.

I exported my flows.
--> deinstalled to whole container
--> Installed again via

sudo docker run -it -d \
    -p 1880:1880 \
    -v node_red_data:/data \
    --name=mynodered \
    --restart=always \


sudo mkdir /var/lib/docker/volumes/node_red_data
sudo touch /var/lib/docker/volumes/node_red_data/settings.js


sudo nano /var/lib/docker/volumes/node_red_data/settings.js


adminAuth: {
    type: "credentials",
    users: [{
        username: "USERNAME",
        password: "PASSWORD",
        permissions: "*"

Stop and start the container

but did not work.

I have to say that the whole linux terminal stuff ist new to me.
In windows I know there is always a constant directory path beginning with a letter like C:\Program.........
In linux I dont find this, or I am not able to see that!?

When it comes to containers I used them before on my Synology it is much more confusing for me. There are mounts and paths and I dont know where what data will be.

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