How to select an Object in payload

Dear friends,
I faced a very simple problem that confused me !
I have such a payload :

4/25/2020, 12:07:15 AMnode: 6c705480.72452c
msg.payload : Object
number: ""12817""
date: ""20/04/24"
time: "22:10:00+18"↵"

and I want to put an If statement in function node.
I try both of these ,but none worked !

if(msg.payload.number == "12817")
    return msg;

and also :

if(msg.payload.number === "12817")
    return msg;

So whats the problem ?

Send it to the debug window, expand the msg, click the item of interest then click the middle button to copy the variables path.

Also, read this - spend 10 minutes reading this. Well worth it.

Your object values are JSON strings for some reason. you would have to do a JSON.parse() for each key value pair.
That’s why you see the double "" on each side of the values.

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Where does that data come from? You have probably done something not the best way in getting that data in the first place. Such as not converting a JSON string to an object rather than trying to extract data manually from a JSON string.

Exactly ! :heart:
I try :

if(JSON.parse(msg.payload.number) == "12817")

and it works ....

yeah, but as @Colin states, its not normal to have to do that.

show your flow & we'll see if we can correct it.

Thanks for the point .
It is a part of long flow ,
I try to solve that problem else ,
I learn 2 simple but important points , Thanks All ..

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