[Solved ]Selecting an object in an array of objects with JSONata with incoming msg.payload

I have this object / array in flowContext named dig2:

        { "Catid" : "Air-1a",
          "Name" : "Air",
          "ValueName" : "Humidity",
          "Loc" : "North Quad"},

        { "thing_id" : "Irr-6",
          "Name" : "Irrigation",
          "ValueName" : "Auto",
          "Loc" : "Garden"}

With a Change node, using JSONata expression below, it selects only the 2nd object, and sends to msg.payload:

$flowContext('dig2.registry')[ Name = 'Irrigation' ]

But, I would like to use an incoming msg.payload before the change node to do the selection, neither of below 2 JSONata statements works, any ideas?

$flowContext('dig2.registry')[ Name = payload ]


$flowContext('dig2.registry')[ Name = $.payload ]

Per other reported posts, I have also tried payload.[0], payload.[1], and payload."1" - also not working?

Solved, from another post, it should be:

$flowContext('dig2.registry')[ Name = $$.payload ]