How to SELECT from MySQL and then INSERT result in MSSQL

Please suggest a method where I get data using MySQL

SELECT column 1, column 2, ..... column n FROM MySQL_database

then insert the results using MSSQL node

(column 1, column 2, ..... column n)
(value a1, value a2,..... value an),
(value b1, value b2,..... value bn),
(value x1, value x2,..... value xn)

Which part don't you know how to do? What have you achieved so far?

I haven't tried to run it with database

I used split node then join node.

flows.json (643.1 KB)
but check if there is a better way.

I was trying to do this via function node alone.

node-red-contrib-mssql-plus has a bulk insert feature and it has a built-in demo named "Bulk demo" (use CTRL-I to view and import examples)

Yes, I was just reading it. (link)

But I don't know why example is missing in my node red. :man_shrugging:

coping form github link.

I tried 3 ways of doing it. Sharing flow if anyone might need it some day.

flows.json (25.5 KB)

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