How to send bulk string to mindconnect node


I am trying to send bulk string(929,690 characters) to mindconnect node via mqtt node.
when I feed this string without quotation marks ("") to function node as an array and connect function node to mindconnect it works fine.
however, this string is generated from MQTT so I can not change string type. with string type it adds quotation("") to string and when I connect that to mindconnect it gives an error " the payload was not recognized"

is there any way I can remove the the quotations of string and feed it to mindconnect node?


I have found the problem in my string(I am using a json string inside main string as a key value all the keys and values inside that should be single quote). after correcting it I have managed to convert the string into json object. and everything works fine. :slight_smile:


[{"timestamp": "2020-10-07T15:12:52.869Z", "values": [{"dataPointId": "1601483365599", "qualityCode": "1", "value": "{'zones':'10.0','AX':'0.16','AY':'0.65','AZ':'0.53','MX':'0.86','MY':'0.00','MZ':'0.00','VXL':'#','VYL':'#','VZL':'#','VLV':'#','VXR':'#','VYR':'#','VZR':'#','VRV':'#','LC':'#','LRW':'#','LRL':'#','RRW':'#','RRL':'#','RAX':'#','RAY':'#','RAZ':'#'}"}]}]


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