How to send data from two sensor at the same time using MQTT

hi, I tried to send data from two sensors, but it seems that only one received data at the server. Here is my node, how to make it able to receive data at the same time from both sensors.


For me it looks that message came from both mqtt.-in Nodes but with the same topic.

When I reset sensor 1, sensor 1 send data and sensor 2 not sending. when I reset sensor 2, sensor 2 will send data and sensor 1 will not send data. I want all the nodes to work at the same time.

Now I spilt the flow, and it remains the same,

only I sensor transmits data.

Try to look into how sensors are sending the data, I think you will find the problem is on the sensor side, check the code there

ok tq,, I have check and find the solution, the client id should be unique. tq all

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