Mqtt message sends to output nodes that are not connected

Hi there,
I recently encountered the following problem: If I send a mqtt-message to an output node, another output node sends the exact same message, even though it is not connected. How can I fix that?

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What do you mean by an output node? is a debug node, a mitt-out node some other node?
What is the other 'output' node?

It is kind of hard to answer you without more information (remember you can see your flow and know your setup but no one else does :grin:),
Things like

  • version of Node-red and node.js
  • what device is running NR and what OS are you using
  • is Docker or HomeAssistant involved
  • can you replicate it in a example? If so, provide a copy
  • are you using any contrib nodes in the flow and if so what are their full names?

Getting this will help people help you.

Hi there, I found the problem and had the topic already closed. I accidentally had two identical mqtt topics , that´s why I received the double messages. Thank you for your quick response.

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