How to send multi-part command to Tasmota?

Can I send a multi-part command to a Tasmota device using MQTT? I want to set the TimeDST setting; typing directly into the Tasmota console, the command looks something like this:

TimeDST 0,2,3,1,2,-240

...easy enough, works great. But I want to send that command from Node-RED, and I can't figure out how to package it up in MQTT. Basically, I'm looking for the proper topic/payload combo, and I just can't figure it out.

In an inject node set the topic to something like: cmnd/yourdevice/TimeDST
and the payload: 0,2,3,1,2,-240

Note that if you use an NTP server instead, DST will be done automatically.

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Yup, that did it! Many, many thanks!!

I think I must have tried just about every other permutation -- I was trying to squeeze the payload into various JSON objects and the like. It never occurred to me to just toss in everything after the command as a simple payload string.

Just to spell it out for anyone else having the same issue, here is an example of an inject node that worked properly:


(Those numbers in the payload are correct for US Eastern Std Time, in case anyone is wondering).

As far as the NTP server goes, I had been assuming that what you said is correct, but the Tasmota documentation says that doing the whole TimeSTD/TimeDST dance is required for Daylight Savings Time adjustments to be applied automatically:

You must also set the TimeZone and Daylight Saving Time policies ( TimeDST / TimeSTD ).
[FAQ - Tasmota]

It seems like the documentation is a little unclear in this regard -- I interpret that line as meaning that even if you do use an NTP server, you still have to apply the TimeSTD/TimeDST. If I'm wrong about this, please let me know -- I'd much rather just set an NTP server and forget about it!

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