How to send string node to a table in Postgres

The two MQTT nodes, Customer Name & Description, are ASCII code that are 'split' then changed to string characters. I want to send those strings to a table in my database using postgres. I figured out how to send all integer values (analog, test time, serial number, and job number) but I can't seem to figure out how to send the two MQTT that use string value.
The code I use on my function node is above (I forgot to add description on it). Every time I run the code it tells me 'customer name is invalid format'

if the database is giving you that error then you need to check the data type of the column

The column uses data type "text" which should accept string values

Is msg.customername actually a string value all the time?

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What do you mean all the time? It should always be a string value

Feed the message going into the postgres node into a debug node and show us what is there.

Correct, but the error message indicates that this is not the case

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