How to set ui-Table input type to date

i want to use this code in ui-control object to inject it to ui-table node
i got this code from

//Create Date Editor
var dateEditor = function(cell, onRendered, success, cancel){
    //cell - the cell component for the editable cell
    //onRendered - function to call when the editor has been rendered
    //success - function to call to pass the successfuly updated value to Tabulator
    //cancel - function to call to abort the edit and return to a normal cell

    //create and style input
    var cellValue = moment(cell.getValue(), "DD/MM/YYYY").format("YYYY-MM-DD"),
    input = document.createElement("input");

    input.setAttribute("type", "date"); = "4px"; = "100%"; = "border-box";

    input.value = cellValue;

        input.focus(); = "100%";

    function onChange(){
        if(input.value != cellValue){
            success(moment(input.value, "YYYY-MM-DD").format("DD/MM/YYYY"));

    //submit new value on blur or change
    input.addEventListener("blur", onChange);

    //submit new value on enter
    input.addEventListener("keydown", function(e){
        if(e.keyCode == 13){

        if(e.keyCode == 27){

    return input;

//Build Tabulator
var table = new Tabulator("#example-table", {
        {title:"Name", field:"name", width:150, editor:"input"},
        {title:"Location", field:"location", width:130, editor:"autocomplete", editorParams:{allowEmpty:true, showListOnEmpty:true, values:true}},
        {title:"Progress", field:"progress", sorter:"number", align:"left", formatter:"progress", width:140, editor:true},
        {title:"Gender", field:"gender", editor:"select", editorParams:{values:{"male":"Male", "female":"Female", "unknown":"Unknown"}}},
        {title:"Rating", field:"rating",  formatter:"star", align:"center", width:100, editor:true},
        {title:"Date Of Birth", field:"dob", align:"center", sorter:"date", width:140, editor:dateEditor},
        {title:"Driver", field:"car", align:"center", editor:true, formatter:"tickCross"},

so any one can help me

after many trys this code below work secsusfully

msg.ui_control = {
    "tabulator": {
        "rowAltBackgroundColor": "green",
        "movableColumns": true,
        "resizableColumns": true,
        "selectable": false,
        "autoResize": true,
        "layout": "fitDataTable",
        "headerSort": true,
        "height": "auto",
        "paginationSize": 6,
        "groupStartOpen": true,
        "columns": [
        {"title":"Name", "field":"name", "width":150, "editor":"input"},
        {"title":"Location", "field":"location", "width":130, "editor":"autocomplete", "editorParams":{"allowEmpty":true, "showListOnEmpty":true, "values":true}},
        {"title":"Progress", "field":"progress", "sorter":"number", "align":"left", "formatter":"progress", "width":140, "editor":true},
        {"title":"Gender", "field":"gender", "editor":"select", "editorParams":{"values":{"male":"Male", "female":"Female", "unknown":"Unknown"}}},
        {"title":"Rating", "field":"rating",  "formatter":"star", "align":"center", "width":100, "editor":true},
        {"title":"Date Of Birth", "field":"dob", "align":"center", "sorter":"date", "width":140, "editor":"function(cell, onRendered, success, cancel){var cellValue = moment(cell.getValue(), \"DD/MM/YYYY\").format(\"YYYY-MM-DD\"),input = document.createElement(\"input\");input.setAttribute(\"type\", \"date\"); = \"4px\"; = \"100%\"; = \"border-box\";input.value = cellValue;onRendered(function(){input.focus(); = \"100%\";});function onChange(){if(input.value != cellValue){success(moment(input.value, \"YYYY-MM-DD\").format(\"DD/MM/YYYY\"));}else{cancel();}}input.addEventListener(\"blur\", onChange);input.addEventListener(\"keydown\", function(e){if(e.keyCode == 13){onChange();}if(e.keyCode == 27){cancel();}});return input;};"
        {"title":"Driver", "field":"car", "align":"center", "editor":true, "formatter":"tickCross"},
        "cellClick": "function(e, cell){    this.send({         ui_control:{callback:'cellClick'},   payload:cell.getData()});  }",
        "cellEdited": "function(cell){     this.send({         ui_control:{callback:'cellEdited'},   payload:cell.getData(),  oldValue:cell.getOldValue(),         field:cell.getColumn().getField()   });  }"}

return msg;

so now i want to do same function to get date and time at the same time
somthing like this
or using other cell to set time
or how can i apply this code

from this link
thank you

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