How to sort data in HTML

I m trying to Display some data on a html request with the http in-node. My Problem now is that i take the data from a csv file and can t sort them at the html request..
All i got is shown in the first Picture

Picture 1

in the csv file every string is in a own line.

can anyone help me?

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Check your settings in the csv node. You probably want "Output a msg per line" not "Output a single Buffer object"

Its always worth checking the settings in a node if you get a result you are not expecting.

yes, u re right but if i Change the Setting to "Output a msg per line" the HTML page is loading but doesn t catch my data

So try the other options...
I'm not sure what you are expecting the output to look like.

If you are expecting a list of data.

You are setting the headers to say you are returning HTML, but theres no HTML tags in your input file, so theres no "newline" html character for your browser to interpret

I tried every of them 4 but it just works with "a singe utf8 string" and with "a single Buffer" and both look the same..

I want sth like a table with one column

okay now I understand why it doesn t work like i want it to work :see_no_evil:

what do i have to do that the browser Interpret?

Do I have to implement <br> into my file?

I got it! I implement the <br> every time when I write a new file..